RF Backbone & Surveillance Camera Site Surveys

At Interan, we strive to provide the best solutions possible. With our on-site survey, we are able to carefully inspect all corners of the installation and will suggest the most cost effective method for your growing company. Wireless RF backbones and security camera recommendations are our speciality. We also have solutions to improve ERP efficiency through barcoding technology.





Installation Services

At Interan, we strive to provide the most cost efficient solutions possible. Whether it is a cabling, switch/controller, access point or camera installation; Interan will oversee the entire process.

Our services are flexible and we can even work on weekends if required. While conducting the installation, we always work with company staff in a safe and professional manner that will keep current productivity constant, decreasing the size of our foot-print during work hours and operations.

We will be the first ones in and the last ones out. As a local company, we can continually monitor the efficiency of our installation, ensuring down-time of all wireless products are kept to a minimum.


Warehouse Management

There is nothing more important than wireless efficiency when keeping a warehouse at optimal running conditions. We install RF backbones with only the most reliable wireless technology from Cisco. We also provide WMS hardware to increase warehouse efficiency through increased pick-rates and quality control.

Here at Interan, we provide outstanding solutions and cost effective methods to get your warehouse up and running, and to keep it maintained for many years to come.



Retail Solutions

Cataloging inventory and inputting sales are one of the most important steps for any retailer. Interan strives to keep your business running smoothly, no matter the size of the company. We have a reputation for superb networking and operational efficiency, and we can’t wait to show you how we earned that reputation.

We provide a number of economical solutions and fail-safe scanners for the everyday retail worker with easy to learn hardware systems that can cut down employee training by a noticeable amount.





Surveillance Solutions

We’re proud to introduce the latest addition to Interan INC’s suite of services: surveillance cameras that can be customized to your company’s individual needs. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that all damages and theft can be seen in real-time and can be documented for legal use.

Our cameras can be outfitted to work in low light scenarios, audio equipped, full night vision and with zoom capabilities to whatever specification needed.





Fiber-Optic Installations


When large amounts of data and information need to pass from server to server you can rely on fiber optic communications to get the job done. After a thorough site survey we will be able to estimate how much information is required whether you require a 1, 10 or 100 gigabit run.

Capable for both indoor and outdoor runs depending on whether you need to run between warehouse buildings or within a single warehouse. We can cater to both single mode (longer distance) or multi mode (shorter distance) depending on your industry applications.





Repair Services

Here at Interan Wireless, we not only provide repair services on all Intermec Items, we provide a professional delivery service to businesses in the lower mainland. Here at Interan; we guarantee a professional solution to all hardware and software related inconveniences.