Auto-ID and inventory management tracking are some of the most important aspects when utilizing your warehouse management system. We can provide solutions that work in correlation to your WMS that will increase accuracy and pick rate in your DC.

When remaining competitive in a DC environment, increasing your piece pick rate by even a couple units can make all the difference. Sometimes the highest priced imager will not yield you with the greatest results. Let us provide you with consultation in finding the most effective product catered to your business.















Certified technicians at Interan Wireless are fully capable of providing full site surveys to assist your customized need for a surveillance solution.

Recommendations can be prescribed for both IP base and Analog base cameras when searching for a solution that is most cost effective on your expenses and your bandwidth.

All of the information is at your fingertips and regardless whether you prefer a physical storage or a cloud based access application; every camera can be linked directly to your phone for on the second remote viewing.

Carefully constructed metrics are used when predicting storage use, range of wiring and DVR/NVR setup that best fits the structure of your business.












Whatever your wireless application needs are, Interan technicians will be able to provide solutions that will not only provide you with the greatest wireless coverage but will also be cost effective. We stay competitive by keeping costs low and creating reliable wireless infrastructures.

We are capable of running sensitive fiber optic cables to and from servers to controllers and provide solutions for whatever distance of cable needed.

The installation of switches and controllers are routine for our trained technicians.

The Ethernet cable can be run with ease under 300 feet however we can provide solutions to runs exceeding 300 feet to various devices such as work stations, printers, tills, and access points.

Full wireless bridging can be set up and monitored between access points and devices such as mobile computers and VMU’s.

No matter the job our technicians can even assist you with something as easy as bridging Bluetooth devices to devices such as printers and work stations.

Whether you have a small business operating out of a store front or a 100,000 sq. ft warehouse; we will provide solutions, installations and continuously monitor the effectiveness through post installation procedures. There is no job too big or too small for Interan.

Let us connect your company to the future of wireless bridging.