Honeywell ScanPal EDA60K Mobile Computer

Honeywell ScanPal EDA60K Mobile Computer

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The ScanPal™ EDA60K mobile computer is Honeywell’s new light industry handheld device featuring a highly adaptable design. From the wellreceived Android™ operating system and dual-band Wi-Fi connection to robust storage capabilities and advanced data entry options, the ScanPal EDA60K device is ideal for frontline workers in retail inventory management, distribution centers, and e-commerce logistics. The ScanPal EDA60K device features an ergonomic 30-key numeric physical keyboard, as well as flexible 1D and 2D scan engine options – making it well-suited for picking, packing, putaway, and other workflows that require fast standard-range scanning and frequent keypad data input. But it also has an easy-to-use modern touchscreen for intuitive, simplified access to the Android system and essential business applications. The ScanPal EDA60K mobile computer features a rugged yet ergonomic design, that minimizes downtime and helps improve productivity for mobile workers. It can withstand multiple 1.5 meter (5 ft) drops to concrete and 1,000 (0.5 m) tumbles, and features IP64 seal rating protection against dust and water spray. It also delivers industry-leading battery life that will last through a full shift and beyond – minimizing the time and expense incurred when batteries need to be charged or replaced.


MECHANICAL Dimensions (L x W x H): 215.5 mm x 78.5 mm x 28 mm (8.48 in x 3.09 in x 1.1 in) Weight: 415 g (14.64 oz) with battery pack

ENVIRONMENTAL Operating Temperature: -10°C to +50°C (+14°F to +122°F) Storage Temperature: -20°C to +60°C (-4°F to +148°F) Humidity: 10% to 90% relative humidity (noncondensing) Drop: 1.5 m (5 ft) to concrete at room temp (10°C to 50°C [50°F to 122°F]) per MIL-STD 810G Tumble: Exceeds 1,000 times at 0.5 m (1.64 ft) per IEC 60068-2-32 specification ESD: ±12 kV Air and ±8 kV Direct Environmental Sealing: IP64 (IEC 60529)

SYSTEM ARCHITECTURE Processor: Qualcomm 8917 1.4 GHz quad-core Memory: 2 GB RAM, 16 GB Flash Operating System: Android 7.1 without GMS Display: 10.2 cm (4.0 in) High Definition (480 x 800) bright color LCD with backlight, optically bonded to touch panel Touch Panel: CTP multi-touch touch panel Keypad: 30-key numeric physical keypad with 4 function keys Audio: Rear speaker >85 dB at 10 cm (3.9 in); front panel microphone for audio recording; Bluetooth® wireless headset support I/O Ports: Standard Micro USB 2.0 Sensors: Ambient Light Sensor, Proximity Sensor, Accelerometer, Hall Sensor Storage Expansion: User-accessible microSD card up to 32 GB (SDHC/SDIO-compliant) Battery: Li-Ion, 3.7V, 5100 mAh Hours of Operation: 12+ hours Charging Time: About 5 hours Scan Notification: Red/green light

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